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Tegalalang, attractions rice paddies north of Ubud is located approximately 20 minutes reached by motor vehicle / car. This area is famous for having a panoramic view of terraced rice fields look beautiful, many tourists come to the goal and into the path traveled from Kintamani stop at this place to witness the scenic beauty of rice terraces, lush palm trees look harmonious and unified. Complete your tour agenda when developing travel agenda, be it if arranged by a travel agency or car rental.

To be more maximal Tegalalang enjoy the beauty of attraction, you can lunch at the edge of the field while enjoying the beautiful view of the rice terraces. Expanse of green nature plastered entertain the eyes or watch the farmers begin harvesting or mowing the grass to feed their animals, who think Bali is a small island has a view of the rice terraces are spectacular, here also can watch the procedure of irrigation called Subak, this atmosphere will be felt impress during the holidays and tours in Bali.

Not many people do we know that the northern part of attraction Ubud there is one area of ​​home industry that very much, his name Tegalalang, hundreds of shops and manufacturing is here, various crafts such as cat and mouse, dolphin, giraffe, made of wood or iron , various models of bags from a variety of materials, carving padas batu2 small, cheap wood carving, wood topeng2, macam2 crafts of glass formed into a vase, unique bottles, plates, everything is provided for your souvenirs.

Join an existing tour packages in Bali, and if traveling from the direction of the airport and to the attractions Kintamani, then unfortunately your store and showroom is lined up along 10 Km. Being a little problem in this area is the unavailability of parking areas, still use the roads, but with the help of village officials and officers, can organize well, although sometimes there is congestion, because of the visit membludaknya tourist visits.

Interested to visit here, tourists can join the full day package Kintamani.kami has collated these travels. Or tourists can rent a car in Bali using the driver experience, set your own travel route choice, nor can the steering wheel itself, if from Ubud straight to the East, at the end of the fork in the road turn left, towards Kintamani enjoy the village atmosphere cool during the tour on this path.

When farmers do activities working on paddy fields, even there was mowing the grass for their cattle, foreign tourists watched the activities of traditional farmers certainly is a unique thing, which was never found in their country, it is not uncommon to pack farm as a model, photographed to be memorable moments back home to his country. No less interesting to enjoy and understand is how watering or irrigation is called Subak, then how the process of seeding, planting, maintenance, including irrigation, until finally they harvest.


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