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Sanur Beach is a beach located on the island of Bali fascinating and a must-visit. Famous of its beautiful natural panorama since antiquity. In a history of ancient Bali, Sanur Beach is already known for its beauty, it has been stated in an inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa. And now the inscription of the region Blanjong precisely in the southern part of Sanur Beach. And the Dutch Colonial period, Sanur Beach is known as a landing site for the army to attack the Kingdom of the Netherlands when Badung. The war that occurred in 1906, known as Puputan Badung is the spirit of war to the death.

Sanur Beach first became known internationally by a painter who came from Belgium named A. J. Le Mayeur who came to Bali in 1932. He saw the appeal of which is owned by Sanur beach is so beautiful and charming. Le Mayeur then decided to stay and settle there, setting up painting studios, and eventually she married one of her famous Balinese Legong dancer named Ni Nyoman Pollok is also a model of his paintings. And through paintings Le Mayeur finally Sanur Beach began to be known in the world. And painting studios were built before now used as the Museum Le Mayeur is still located in the tourist area of ​​Sanur Beach and can be visited by the public.

Sunrise at Sanur Beach

On Sanur beach, you can see the beautiful panorama sunrise or so-called sunrise. The shape of the curve with the extent of white sand that stretches cluster of beautiful beaches and elegant. Especially when the morning comes, enjoying enjoy the moment the sun rises that exudes charm. You are also presented with a group of islands of Nusa Penida that is located right in the southeast of Bali. But no less interesting with a view looked in the late afternoon, receding tides increasingly clear eye on Serangan island cluster of coral and rock jutting into the sea that looks exactly in the south of Sanur Beach. If the waves are not so big you can see the beauty of the rock that stretches and looks colorful.

Sanur beach itself is located in the village of Sanur, Denpasar District, Bali Province. Sanur Beach distance around approximately 6 km from the city center of Denpasar and can be reached by private car or by motorcycle. But for those of you who do not have personal vehicles there is already provided a crowded public vehicles passing between Sanur and Denpasar. Sanur is one of the areas of tourism development in Bali for the first time, marked by a five-star hotel and a variety of restaurants, therefore, for those who will pay a visit not to worry because in the Sanur Beach area there are many facilities such as lodging, stall eat even the souvenir stalls hawking goods art and souvenirs typical of Sanur Beach.


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