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Hot Springs is located in the village Penatahan Penebel District + 13 km from Tabanan City North to 34 km from Denpasar with beautiful natural scenery left and right hand motivated by rice fields staircase steps. The hot springs are located on the banks of the river Yeh Ho and hot water Penatahan by people familiar with the name of Yeh Panes. Based on the research results from the laboratory Ministry of Health, the hot water is very good for bathing because it contains sulfur and other minerals that are very good for curing skin diseases.

The sights we visited on one of the regencies in Bali, Tabanan regency precisely in the Village Penatahan Penebel District. That has unique characteristics, namely the presence of natural hot water coming out from under the banyan tree, and of the temple called the attraction Hot Penatahan (Penatahan Hot Spring). Penatahan hot water is a beautiful and peaceful place, with the nature that is still sustainable, green and fresh, and with its geographical hilly which provide beautifully picturesque scenery. Besides, if we look around, behold breathtaking natural, with terracing and accompanied by rice paddy fields were yellowing, all of which can be seen on the river along the Ho's. At the location of Yeh Panes, we will see a waterfall with a fresh wind and no less important source of hot water that appears in the middle of the temple / under the banyan tree is efficacious to cure skin diseases and now around made Natural Hot Springs & Spa managed by professionals. With motivated by Mount Watukaru of blue create an atmosphere Yeh Panes be cool and comfortable, it is very suitable for recreation (recreation) to eliminate all the problems.

Penatahan hot water comes out of the temple

According to the guard there, hot springs Penatahan Yes Heat comes from the middle of the temple and under a banyan tree. Years of the discovery of hot springs is not known. However, the surrounding community has decades of utilizing hot water coming out from under the temple as a cure skin diseases.

In general, Yeh Panes or hot water in Bali is of volcanic origin. But, Yeh Panes this Penatahan other than others. The place is a long way to the volcano. There are three mountain inactive who entered in Tabanan regency, namely Sanghyang, Watukaru, and Mangu. While active mountain is Batur in Kintamani are located far away from Penebel. So here is purely derived from below the temple, it is raised by the guards who occupy the tourist attraction.

The folklore that supports public confidence there that there used to be a kingdom called the kingdom of "writing" with a king named Jaya Wikramayang at that time in a state suffering from severe skin disease. On appeal Patih Agus Satya Discourse, he was advised to go to hamlets "lampah" in a hamlet named Ki Hamlet Agile. Padukuhan is located in the North Forest Rajeg Uru (now called the Village Jegu) on the banks of Ho. In his trip to the forest or to Padukuhan lampah, he was seduced by a monkey in the forest Rajeg Uru. After the investigation was the monkey is Among Among or monkey pet-Ki Hamlet Agile. After Ki Agile Hamlet knows the intent and purpose of the King then Ki Hamlet taught medicine named "Usadha Bhakti" or "Usadha Bhaktam", by way of meditation or bersemadhi. On a good day, the King accompanied by Ki Dukuh sitting cross-legged and do semadhi and on that inner strength and waranugraha Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa then from the ground menyemburlah hot water, and then follow directions Ki Hamlet, the King suggested to shower each kajeng kliwon Uwu and to get healing.

Due diligence and confidence of the King and with fervent prayer to happen a miracle that came out a blast of hot water is believed to be a drug to cure the disease of the King. And as the King's gratitude to God Almighty, the place was erected a temple called Pura "We Brahma" or "Toya anget". And Pesraman place (hamlets) are by students and such cemetery established Ki Hamlet Memorial in the form of a sacred place named "Pura lampah" East of Yeh Panes now. Furthermore, the followers of the King and Hamlet Ki spread to the Northwest and then Banjar named "Bangkiang Sidem" which means the King has recovered, named "Penatahan" which means a trip he smoothly.


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