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Jatiluwih Bali travel eliminating noise penatnya urban bustle. The village is located in an area Penebel, Tabanan, Bali, has a beautiful view of the green rice fields that hung very beautiful. Here, you can see the view of the rice terraces in Bali. Terracing is the arrangement of terraced rice fields and irrigation water control system that uses a traditional waters of Bali. Name Jatiluwuh himself thinking about the story of a long history. Jatiluwih name itself comes from the word "Jati" and "Luwih" which means absolutely wonderful. The village was originally named village Jatiluwih Girikusuma. But in the heyday of the king Dalem Waturenggong in the year 1460-1552, the village was renamed Jatiluwih because at that time there was a religious leader named Ida Bagus Armature conducting a series of meditation and mediksa to become a pastor. Due to Ida Bagus Armature turned pastor is the name of the village changed. Actually, no one knows for sure why and why the village name was changed.

In addition to its natural beauty that you can enjoy. You can also see the temple in the village this jatiluwi. Temple called Pura Gunung Sari built by Ida Bagus Armature along Ida sage Bhagavan Canggu, a abiseka in Jatiluwih village on anad 16th. Pura established order as a penmujaan goddess of fertility. Every day there are many tourists who visit to enjoy the lush suansan in the village which has an area of ​​636 hectares. Jatiluwih Bali Tourism also offers car rental Volkswagen and bicycles for tourists who want to tour around the village Jatiluwih, look Susana village that is still simple and enjoy the fresh country air. After being around you can stop at a restaurant in the village which serves some tasty food menu.

Traveled in Jatiluwih Bali and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the island that is not less unmatchable to other places certainly leave an impression so profound for tourists. Moreover, by looking at the composition of convulsions terraces that line the staircase, we can realize how the magnitude of the gift God created this beautiful place so as to bring the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.


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