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As a popular tourism destination, in Bali there are many places to buy beautiful paintings to decorate the walls of your home. Along the road in Pantai Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, in Sukawati Art Market, Art Market Guwang, in the shop for souvenirs typical of Bali such as Kampung Bali or Krishna, or in tourist resorts such as in the Land lot there are many shops selling Balinese paintings or modern paintings.

But if you are not someone who just hunt painting at a cheap price, but would like to collect paintings which have artistic value higher with good quality, then you need to spend some time hunting paintings in various galleries of paintings in the village Batuan , Lod Tunduh, Pengosekan, Peliatan and Ubud. In the galleries of the picture you can see works by artists of Bali's most talented of various schools of art in Bali, whether Classical Style Kamasan, Classical Style Rock, Traditional Style Ubud Traditional Style Pengosekan, Style Naive or Young Artist, Modern style, and works of western artists or other Indonesian painters who are taking the theme of Balinese life.

At first in Bali is not known commercial painting. There is only a painting as a sacred art, due solely used as a decoration in the venues, in the palace-sitana nobility and pretend, either as banners, Kober or as Langse and Ider-Ider. The artist does not sell his paintings to the public, but his life is guaranteed by the royal family and nobles who gave him a permanent job to decorate the various palaces and places of worship that they build. In fact, there is a village, for example Kamasan village in the southern city Semarapura or Klungkung that almost all people work as a painter since the royal era until the present because they had always been painters who worked on the king of Klungkung thus placed together in the village of Kamasan and always employed to decorate the king's palace (castle) and places of worship (temple) built by the royal family or the other nobles.

Kamasan style paintings also called painting Kamasan Classical Style because this style of painting originated from the golden age of ancient Balinese kingdoms that have not been influenced by European or other outside influences. The theme is usually derived from a fairy tale about the life of the gods, life among the nobility and tales of animals or Tantric. Rarely are classical paintings on the life of common people. The colors are usually taken from natural colors, for example white color used bone is destroyed, to the black color used charcoal, to the blue color used lawn Taum, for the red color used Babakan wood Sunti, while for the yellow color is taken from the oil Kemiri, which then mixed with an adhesive so it sticks to the canvas. Painting Kamasan Classical Style wearing only a two-dimensional, length and width, there is no perspective so far is close to invisible, while the object being painted to look like a puppet, a flat without a viewpoint (perspective) or depth. Kamasan Classical Style painter most famous of which is currently Mangku Mura and I Nyoman Mandra.

The painting is very similar to Classical Style Kamasan is Classical Style rock, the difference is the media and the dye paintings namely Classical Style rocks are usually put on paper for drawing media, and as a dye they usually wear a Chinese ink for very highlighted is the opposite effect between light and dark. Now in addition also widely used Chinese ink color other than black and white. Another characteristic is this painting is prioritizing the details till the smallest detail so that it seems very complicated to make it. Classic style rock paintings usually depict ceritra-ceritra Balinese people, folklore and such that requires an understanding of people's trust in Bali to understand the theme of his paintings. However, these young painters like I Made Budi, many drawing outside the traditional grip, even themes which are very up-to-date painted like a tourist surfing in the sea, the arrival of President Ronald Reagan in Bali, and others.

After Bali controlled by the Dutch in 1908, scientists and artists Westerners coming to Bali at the invitation of the King of Ubud, Cokorda Sukawati, who loved art, among the musicians, designers dance, writers and painters. Ubud king invited western artists he knew to come and settle in Ubud. Some of them gave the gift of land to build a studio and home, such as Walter Spies, painting-music artists from Germany who came in 1920, building his house at Campuhan today, a two-story with a swimming pool with panoramic views of Campuhan River. Miguel and Rosa Covarrubias from Mexico, came and settled in Bali since 1930. They wrote the book The Island of Bali which is still a reference for all books on the island of Bali. Rudolf Bonnet and Adrian Le Mayeur of Belgium came to join later. In 1936 they founded the Pita Maha artists together I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, I Sobrat and I moor. The purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of the work of the artists (there are 100 members at that time) to help sell their works to the lover-lover of art in the west. More western artists come to Bali: Theo Meier from Switzerland, anthropologist Jane Belo from USA, musician Colin McPhee in cooperation with Anak Agung Gede Mandra from Peliatan in conducting new experiments in music. Hans Snell left the Dutch army, married Siti, and settled in Ubud. Similarly, Antonio Blanco, painter from Catalunya, Spain-born in the Philippines, who married his model, Ni Ronji, and then settled in Ubud.

The arrival of Western artists influenced the styles of painting that emerged since 1930 in Bali, which became known as the Traditional Style Ubud and Pengosekan Traditional Style. The theme has touched ordinary people or events of everyday life, for example the atmosphere in a village market, a religious ceremony at the temple, the work of farmers in the fields, and the like. The colors used are modern colors manufactured in various colors. The resulting painting is a painting which already takes into account the three-dimensional perspective. The famous painter Ubud Traditional Style of whom are Anak Agung Made Sobrat and I Dewa Nyoman Batuan.

In 1950, a Dutch painter, Arie Smith, began to take the children of farmers from the village of Penestanan to paint after they returned from work in the fields. They were released to paint according to their own ideas to wear the colors they like. The results of their work became known as the Young Artists Painting Style or Naive, with the typical imagination of children who are innocent, meets the image area without much concerned with depth or perspective, with contrasting colors and bold. The characters whom I Chakras and I Ketut Soki.

Now there are also Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta and Denpasar so many painters graduated intellect that produce a lot of new styles of painting, namely Modern or Contemporary style, whether it's realism, Surrealists, Impressionists, and others- more. Many of which still carry the traditional theme but painted in a modern style, for example painter I Nyoman Gunarsa of Klungkung.

Well there are so many options for you to choose the works of art that deserve to be a high-quality collection or to decorate the walls of your home. Among the many paintings galleries in the area around Ubud, we show Gallery I Dewa Putu Toris, a gallery of paintings of the leading, with a collection of many but only displaying the works of choice from a wide range of flow and style of painting in Bali. Building gallery stil wearing Balinese architecture so it looks very well with the mission of preservation of Balinese art. I Dewa Putu Toris gallery is visited by the First Lady, Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono with Mrs. Vice President Boediono few years ago. In January 2011 and in October 2011 I was ushered Jorge Lorenzo, Moto GP world champion in 2010 to buy a few paintings in Gallery I Dewa Putu Toris when she came on holiday in Bali.

Canvas painting could be taken only and can be rolled up into the pipe so easy to take home. But if you want to buy all its frame, it's okay but a bit troublesome to carry it. Prices usually only for a canvas painting only, no additional costs to bring the frame.


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